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Laddare 24V till elscooter - 500 mAh

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Laddare 24 V 500 mAh för elscooter 100-120 W och MB Premium 24V

Laddare 24 V för el-scooter 100-120 W.

Indikator för när batteriet laddas och när det är fullt.

Den levererade laddaren kan avvika utseendemässigt från bilden.


Battery Charger Owners Guide

  • Always plug battery charger into scooter or bike before plugging into wall outlet. When charging is complete unplug charger from wall outlet before unplugging from scooter or bike.

  • To get the most life out of your scooter's batteries recharge them immediately after every ride, even very small rides. Leaving a scooter battery in a partially discharged state for any amount of time lowers the useful life of the battery.

  • When a scooter is in storage recharge the batteries at least every 3 months.

  • Our battery chargers are designed for SLA (Sealed Lead-Acid) batteries. Any brand of SLA battery charger may be used on any electric scooter or bike that uses SLA batteries as long as the Voltage, Amperage, Connector, and the connectors Pin Polarities are the same as the vehicles original battery charger.

  • P align=left>The Amperage of the battery charger may be decreased for longer battery life, or increased for a quicker recharge time. (see charging rate chart below)
  • Automatic SLA battery chargers are designed so that they can and will not charge defective SLA batteries. This is a safety feature. If a defective SLA battery is attempted to be charged it could overheat and melt or damage the equipment that it is located in.

  • Good SLA batteries bounce back above their rated Voltage level within a few minutes after being discharged. If a SLA battery's Voltage does not bounce back above its rated Voltage level within a few minutes after being discharged then it is usually considered defective or worn out.

  • Sometimes scooter riders and rental stores want to use their electric scooters for more than one battery cycle per day so they use battery chargers with a higher Amp rating than the electric scooters original battery charger. These quick rate battery chargers are typically rated in the 3 Amp through 6 Amp power output range and recharge most electric scooter battery packs in 2-3 hours, however they will slightly lower the longevity of the battery pack when compared to using a slow rate battery charger.

  • To preserve the life of the batteries use a slow rate battery charger whenever possible. If a scooter is driven for more than one battery cycle per day then using a smaller battery charger overnight, and a larger battery charger during the day is the best solution.

  • Do not use automotive or motorcycle battery chargers to charge SLA batteries. These type of battery chargers are designed for charging wet cell lead-acid batteries and if used on SLA batteries may cause permanent damage to the battery and equipment due to overcharging and overheating.



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